Love Bites - Paranormal Romance Ebook only 18+

BLURB - When a man proposes and takes you to meet his parents it should be the happiest moment of your life. But what if you see him with another woman on the night of the party? What happens then?

Cassandra is just a regular girl who has fallen deeply, and madly, in love with Rowan. Yes … he is tall, dark and handsome, also charming and a sweetheart to boot ... everything a girl could ever want. Unfortunately, Cassandra does not find out about the finer details of her fiancé - that he is a vampire - until it is too late. What is she to do?

EXERPT - I pointed a finger at Rowan. ‘There, there … what about the silver? Aren’t silver bullets supposed to kill them?’

 Rowan sat down in the nearest chair and rolled his eyes. ‘Good grief,’ he said with another sigh. ‘Silver bullets indeed!’ he scoffed, then went on with, ‘that’s just some story made up by so-called vampire hunters. It’s not as if one can throw silver around like it’s not worth a cracker. It is a precious metal after all.’

 I nodded my head in agreeance. I lay back for a while thinking on our relationship. It had always been a bit on the strange side, but Rowan was so charming and debonair. And so much fun. He was unlike any other young man I’d ever dated. He’d even promised marriage … something I was seriously thinking about. I was presently visiting his family estate to meet his parents – for the first time, I might add – at dinner tonight. Hence the fancy bed in the fancy bedroom. And even fancier house!

 ‘Look … let’s not argue, sweetheart, especially over something like vampires,’ Rowan said, returning to sit on the side of the bed.  He picked up my hand again and kissed my fingers one by one.

 A shiver of delight travelled up my spine. He kissed my fingertips next, then slowly turned my hand over and began caressing my palm with the tip of his tongue. God … he could reduce me to a quivering jelly with the simplest things.


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