Natural Magic ... ISBN - 978-0-6487654-4-8

Children's picture and rhyme book (full colour illustrations, hardcover, 40 pages)

BLURB - A booklet of prose and beautiful illustrations, telling of the seasons and fairies at work. But ... I cannot take full credit for this fabulous creation. If it was not for the illustrations of Natasha M Cleland it would be nothing but a poem. Thank you, Natasha. I hope we can collaborate again in the future.


     Tomorrow came and the fairies went out into the gardens as usual. It was a lovely evening. The moon was high and bright, and the stars flashed and twinkled. Ferne, Button and Grenfell had just finished rounding up some errant ladybirds and given the raspberries a cheering up when the sun began to make its dawn appearance.

     The fairies took themselves off quickly and hid once more behind a comfrey plant and watched quietly for the humans of the house to do their thing. But it did not happen the way it had before. This day seemed to be a different day, with a different routine, unlike the fairies’ days that were always the same, no matter what.


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