Trick or Treat - Diary of an Accidental Vampire ... ISBN - 978-0-6487654-1-7

A young adult fantasy for 14 years and upwards (134 pages)

BLURB - Nigel D Tranter is a 15 year old lad who has no ambition, no prospects and no idea. But he does have friends – or two at least. Then to his surprise he gets an invite to a party. However, this is not just any old party; it is the party of the year. Sadly though … afterwards, he doesn’t remember a thing about it.

Join Nigel as the events of the party start to slowly make themselves known. Like him, you might just get the surprise of your life.




September 23rd Tuesday …

Marley came over for a sleep-over. It doesn’t usually happen on a week day but apparently his gran is not well. She took a turn of sorts and his parents went to visit her in hospital. He’s not too forthcoming with the details about her condition … which is fair enough, but with this change of events who knows which way things will go with Marley now, as far as the party’s concerned.  

The two of us did our homework and that was about it. We didn’t even watch TV, which is abnormal for Marley as he usually has to have a TV fix for an hour or so most nights otherwise he reckons he can’t sleep. Boy … he must be in a bad way!!!! Even I can get some shuteye without watching the box every night and that’s saying something!!! Anyways … he’s asleep now.

September 24th Wednesday …

All good with Marley’s gran … it was just a case of vagina - whatever that is - her heart’s all good. I haven’t had grandparents for years so this stuff’s all new to me. Both my lot carked it when I was young. I don’t know if I miss them or not … it’s hard to tell, but I know Marley gets on well with his. They’ve been close for years. I suppose nobody lives forever, though!!

The good news is … Marley might be coming to the party after all. Cool bananas!!!! 

September 26th Friday …

Simon, Marley and me went to the mall to hang out at Tiny Tom’s. TT’s is a café where you can still play pinball machines, eat ice-cream and drink milkshakes. We’re the oldest kids that go there but that’s okay … we don’t mind. Most of the other kids our age are off trying to get somebody to buy booze for them or smoking cigarettes.

We tried cigarettes once when Simon stole some from his dad’s man-cave. We were trying to find his dad’s stash of girlie mags, but we found his old man’s stash of smokes instead. They were in a box hidden inside another box which said condoms. Funny place to keep them I thought, but Simon said his dad and mum didn’t want any more kids.

Anyhew … it seems mum doesn’t want dad smoking either as these ciggies were rollies not packet ones. We borrowed two and took off to Webbers Wood with a box of matches to try them out.

So much for grand plans though. We didn’t get passed the first few puffs, did we? Apart from the fact that we all nearly coughed our lungs out, afterwards we felt really spaced out for hours. It was bizarre. I didn’t think cigarettes did that but maybe it was a first timer thing!!!

Marley started having hallucinations after his second puff. He started babbling full speed about bright coloured lights, an alien invasion and flying saucers.

Then Simon got the giggles up right proper. There was no stopping him; he was worse than a girl at a county fair. As for me … well … I just wanted to eat everything in sight. I thought my throat had been cut; I felt like I was starving (same as the time I had my braces off … only worse) even though I’d had a big dinner of fish and chips and salad that night.

I’m usually a vegetarian but I’m okay with fish. It’s every other meat that I can’t handle ever since I went on an excursion with the school to the local abattoirs. They showed how the animals were pulled up on spikes and killed with this lethal-looking stun gun whatsit. I musta fallen down or something from the shock of it, as the next thing I know I’m sitting in the school bus with a cold towel on my head. I had to stay there for the rest of the afternoon too, so I wasn’t impressed. I missed the whole excursion.

What an experience though!!!! I haven’t touched beef, pork or chook since. And I think that’s where my blood phobia started as well!! But … what a place to take kids - for crying out loud - I could have been scarred for life!!

So back to the smoking lark!! A couple hours later we felt okay enough to go home. We all made a pact, however, to never tell anyone about our night … AND to never take up smoking. It’s the pits!!!!


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