Latest work in progress

With Hogwarts completed it's only natural that I move on the the next piece of cross stitch. It's something I love to do, and although old fingers and wrist joints have slowed me down a few stitches a day keeps the blues away.

This latest piece is Scenic Snows by Maria Diaz.

And ... it's coming into view!

While things haven't come to a complete  halt in my life lately I'm certainly taking a bit more time out for other things, which means there is some more progress on "Hogsmeade." I'm loving how it looks like the village now, also that I'm getting closer each day to a finish. 


I have been doing lots of sorting and tossing out lately but there's always time for a bit of cross stitch. Hogsmeade has been the flavour of the month lately and it's been a while since I posted any progress. So here it is. 

Intro ...

Crafting - next to writing - is one of my favourite things. I have turned my hand to knitting, crotcheting, painting, and all sorts of stitching. I found though, that I could not do everything, especially when I bought myself a 'magic' sewing machine, therefore I had to pare things down.

Now I just concentrate on my machine work (quilting as well as making other things) cross stitch and needlework. On this page I will post my progress on different things as I work my way through the year. I hope you enjoy seeing it.

Picture shown - I started this early last year ... Linen and Threads SAL (stitch along)

Another cross stitch, oh my ...

I'm a sucker for a new project, in fact if there was an award for the most works in progress (wips) I would probably be in the running to win. Craft for me, is about the journey, though a finished project is always a bonus.

So many people push themselves to finish things - and that's a good thing - but I just enjoy simply working on something when I can. It's about the art, the construction, materials, threads and embellishments (which are like treasures to me) and relaxation. Creation in the smallest form is a delight and it takes away the stresses that life might throw my way.

Anyway, here is my latest wip ... a cross stitch that will one day be a depiction of Hogsmeade of Harry Potter fame. I'm happy with the progress.

In the meantime, folks, I hope you're happy with yours.


There's always plenty to do in my house so when I get some time to cross stitch it's a bonus. Regardless of frogging and a slow postal system due to Covid-19, I have still managed to make some progress on Stewart Cunningham's Letters from Hogwarts SAL. Love this CYOA project.  

A bit of cross stitch

I'm currently working on this stitch along called Letters from Hogwarts by Stewart Cunningham. It's one of those choose your own adventure things ... a new thing for me. I must admit I'm really enjoying the challenge, and the the way that other stitchers are interpreting the chapters of this design. I'm way behind but there is a reason for that ... or several. I have other projects on the go, plus I like to see what other options are thrown into the mix. Here's my progress.

Something different

As I stated in my intro I like doing crafty things. Lately I have been putting my efforts into crewel work ... just to keep my mind free from counting squares for cross stitch. This pattern was kindly donated by Nanda Gomes to encourage people to pick up a needle. The Covid isolation time has been an ideal time to return to those things we cannot normally find time for.

Progress on Linen and Threads SAL 2020 January

I don't get a lot of time to stitch but this is my progress on this piece. I say 'this piece' as I have a tendency to work on a lot of different things throughout the year, as you will see.