2. May, 2022


Happy Beltane (1st May) everyone. It is the celebration of spring and fire in the northern hemispere but in the south it is not really recognised as such except for the fact that it is May Day.

No celebrations here but as some of you know my writing world has been on vacation lately with just a little bit of editing and a long hard look at prior works. Not only will my middle-grade books be getting a revamp as mentioned in my last blog post, but I will be doing the same for my children's book, Natural Magic. Like everything they need a refresh. I've also got a few new story ideas together, which I'm very excited about. 

In the meantime there has been movement in my sewing room. The weather has finally decided to cool down so it's now a nice comfortable 25C instead of a scorching 35C so stitching resumes. 

Have a good one, everybody and take care. Covid seems to be doing the rounds again.