19. Feb, 2022

What's new ...

Happy new year, happy Valentine's and happy birthday to all those who celebrated. I know it's been a while but sometimes life happens. During this time I have decided to relauch my Merlin's School series with new covers and a slightly different approach.

Also, with the melding of D2D and Smashwords I have an extention to my author platform so I will be doing a bit of moving things around. This means less writing and more organsing for a while. It's not such a bad thing as one does need a break away from the muse on occasions.

So, with all that out there I will give you a glimpse of one of my new cover ideas. I would love some feedback, remembering that this series is initially aimed at 10 years plus, but has been greatly enjoyed by 'big kids' too.

Have a great weekend folks, and catch you next time.