16. Oct, 2021

Movie review - Knives Out

I watched this last night and oh, what a great whodunnit!

It had a fabulous cast, a great story line, the ideal setting and lots of suspects. I haven't enjoyed a murder mystery like this in such a long time. There was something a little bit Gothic about it even though it was set in the modern day world. One half expected a cameo appearance by Christopher Lee or Boris Karloff. 

While it would seem that the demise of the victim was at first a suicide, it would seem it was more an accidental death until little tell-tale things start to point towards a murder. And why not ... there was a lot of money involved, along with the possibility of someone missing out at the will reading. Always a great motive. It was also nice to see that Jamie Lee-Curtis is aging gracefully, as is Don Johnson. 

I will leave it at that along with a recommendation to watch it when you get the chance. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

Cheers, and have a great day, folks.