27. Jul, 2021

Movie Review - The Favorite

I watched this on Saturday night and while I found it a little on the weird side it was, at least, historically correct to a degree.

The Favorite - starring Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman - tells the story of the later years of Queen Anne. It is set in the Regency period (17th century) with beautiful costumes and settings creating a fabulous background for this tale of sadness, madness and a touch of midnight slap and tickle between the ladies.

It also portrays a picture of how the interbreeding of the blue bloods, the manipulation of those in the wings, and the want for nothing creates a life that is not alway good, or for the greater good. In many ways the monarchs of these times - and those in their ears - forgot entirely why they are in a position of leaders to the people.

I must admit though, it was a fascinating movie, and I enjoyed it immensley. I can understand why it had Oscars thrown its way. I give it 4 stars.