5. Jun, 2021

Extra launches

Hello, everyone. Hope you are all keeping well.
News on my short sci-fi story is it didn't make the grade, but it's all good because it made me stretch my imagination ... and let's face it ... none of us are good at 'everything.'
In the meantime it has been decided by NASA to launch another two LUNAR CODEXES to the moon as - quote " In case there are issues with the 2021 Peregrine and 2022 Nova launches - space is hard! - Polaris will archive all previous time capsule content as a back-up."
This is important to me - and maybe some of my readers - because my short story 'Three Wishes Granted' is included in this wonderful endeavor. So the end game of this is that the archives will be stored in three separate places on the moon.
Have a wonderful weekend, folks.