25. Feb, 2021

Fly me to the moon ...

Hello, everyone. As I have said before, 'one never knows what a day will bring,' and that is so true this day.
When I logged into FB this morning I had a message from a Canadian friend simply saying, 'see my page,' so I did. Some of you may remember that I had a short story (Three Wishes Granted) accepted for an anthology. It was produced by Shebat Legion to raise money for cancer research, but instead it - with the help of Samuel Peralta, who has assisted in putting this project together - is finding its way to the moon. And my story is going with it in July 2021. The red dot marks where the time capsule will land on the moon.
My thanks go out to Shebat and Samuel for without them I would be still sitting on my couch. Watch this space
Have a great day, folks.