22. Feb, 2021

Movie review - A Street Cat named Bob

I don't know what anyone else does with their Sunday, but I try to make it a relatively tech free day. I might sew, read, catch up on ironing or a few chores, but mostly I take it easy and take in a movie or two.

Yesterday the movie option was the go and I decided to watch the film, A Street Cat named Bob. What a lovely movie; based on a true story it tells of a recovering addict (James Bowen) who is adopted by a ginger cat named Bob ... so he 'tells' the fellow's neighbour. At first James is not keen on the idea, but life keeps on throwing them together until eventually James gives in. Together, they still has their ups and downs yet both the characters rescue each other in the end.

Doing some research later, I found out that James was not exactly a poor boy from a home full of abuse; he was one who could not handle his emotions, especially when his mother and father presented him with a lot of turmoil. Moving between Britain and Australia also presented a sense of abandonment, which is all too common in these situations.

While this movie is not about how to deal with the rotten things in one's life, nor is it a feel-good movie (though it does make you feel good) it is about hope; how one never knows what life may bring your way ... even on a bad day.

I gave this movie 5 stars. I think it deserves it.

Have a great day, folks.

*Pic is of the real James Bowen and Bob (now deceased)