15. Jan, 2021

V for Vendetta

In the days where everything is a repeat of a repeat it's nice to stumble across a movie I haven't watched before ... even if it was made in 2005.

V for Vendetta is a mix of many older movies and themes ranging from the Count of Monte Christo (Edmond Dantes) to the American civil war, with a bit of modern day times (Covid-19) thrown in for good measure.

So many people are wondering at the truth behind what is going on these days and it has been said on occasion that artists - whether a writer or a painter - have an insight or sorts. I did wonder myself as I watched this film pan out, from its man-made viruses, it controlling government, the civil unrest in America (just like that of the past week) and the mysterious disappearances of people who questioned any of these things. While I could go into the a general spiel about this movie I won't. Instead I encourage you to watch it yourself and come to your own conclusions.

All in all, bloody good entertainment, I thought, so I gave it five stars.

Have a great day, folks.