6. Jan, 2021

Happy 2021

Well ... first thing first, I must wish every one of my followers a happy and prosperous new year - 2021. For some, last year was not a good experience; for others like myself, life did not change so much.

At the start of this year I decided it was a good time to finish off some works in progress, whether they be writings, stitching or any other things that I like to indulge in during my day. I decided also that I woudl have my yearly paper clean out as well. I disvovered along the way, some book reviews that I wrote for a local newspaper many years ago, and I decided that before putting the papers through the shredder I would post the reviews here. Please note that the reviews are for older publications, but then not everyone reads at the same pace, or in the same way.

So here's to a great year. I wish you love, laughter, good health and happiness.