4. Dec, 2020

Movie review ... Robin Hood 2018

Have you ever watched a movie and thought ... okay?

For the second time I watched Robin Hood - the latest version with  Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx. I was not impressed.

Not only have we got a Harry Potter style Robin Hood, who bounces around like the chosen one, there are also shades of the real war in Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan (no movie references here) The Hunger Games, A Knight's tale, with it's touch of modern day fashion and moment in a casino, Rocky, and The Indestructables - the main characters are impossible to kill. In it's venture to be different, it has turned into an absolute dog's dinner. While not everyone will agree with me (that's okay) the one positive thing I will say is, it gave me a laugh.

Really Hollywood/Disney/WB ... stop making remakes of great movies, endless amounts of poor quality animations and super hero BS. Give the people real entertainment and quality films. There are some great new stories out there. Go find them.

Stars ... hmm ... you could be so lucky.