3. Nov, 2020

Movie review - Judy and Punch

On Sunday night I watched a great Australian movie. Most people tend to underestimate the Australian movie industry, and it's a pity really as it puts out some great stuff. Aussies have a great way of looking at things differently and it shows in their films.

With nothing but repeats of repeats showing this particular night I decided to look at a new DVD I'd purchased some time back - Judy and Punch. It's a rather dark take with a twist on the Punch and Judy show of bygone times (a seaside entertainment that I don't like, and never have, I will hasten to add) But this film has a cameo of Australia's champion jousting horse so I wanted to add it to my collection.

Apart from some of the darker - as in night time scenes - I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It took the basic story of Punch and Judy and made it into a human story of murder, intrigue and revenge. While it was quite violent at times, these scenes were filmed in a way that were not too graphic, and as I feel there is no need for such I appreciated the nature of the scenes and what they imparted. 

I gave this fabulous Gothic tale four and a half stars, and recommend it, as it does impart an important message.