16. Aug, 2020

Online shopping and its hazards

Online shopping ... it's the thing of the now and probably moreso of the future as the Covid-!9 virus runs rampant over the planet. Most times it's a great experience, but every now and then a trader makes life difficult. Not always because their goods are not as described, more at the time of a return.

I recently had an interesting experience with one such trader - who will be named - New Aim/Online Plaza/Fiona Lee T/A Ilandtrading. I purchased an ioniser from these people under the understanding that it would help with my asthma. The site mentions the usual 30 day return policy. What is not mentioned is that these devices - or most of them - emit ozone ... a substance that is toxic to humans (and probably other life forms as well) I had to return the ioniser.

The return went like so ...

  • Thank you; item is fabulous but not for me because ...
  • But we will keep up to 50% of your dollars because we're basically not happy with the fact that you are returning the goods.
  • Sorry, but that's the way it is.
  • Oh ... okay then we charge you extra money ... $23+ to be exact. You change your mind.
  • I did not change my mind. It affected my health, and I'm paying for return postage.
  • Doesn't matter.
  • What about 30 day return policy?
  • We still only do it our way.

In the meantime I have contacted Paypal/Ebay myself. The emails are still coming from the trader and they are not giving in and ... they are now asking for more because of their inconvience.

It is here that I tell them they are rip off merchants, they are making excuses not to refund, I have kept all of their emails and will be posting their trading indiscretions online. They say they have sent my email to the service center and 'they' say they don't have to refund.

Again ... in the meantime, the service centre/Paypal/Ebay have granted me my full refund, which I get a portion of. Paypal steps in and gets the rest the balance for me. Thank you PayPal/Ebay.

This is my experience and does not reflect of anybody else's. What it is saying is ... this trader lied to me. They wanted to go back on their 30 day returns policy and help themselves to my money, even though I had returned the goods - at my expense - in pristine/as new condition. They are forgetting that bad business practice and word of mouth is not good for business.

The moral of the story is ... buyer beware. Do be careful. Online shopping is tempting and at this time we need a bit of retail therapy to make us feel good. After all, real window shopping is out of the question in many areas.

Take care, folks. Wash those hands, and wear a mask if you have to.