8. Aug, 2020

Second installment - Life with Arthur

     The next morning, as I dragged myself wearily into the kitchen, I was surprised to see Arthur sitting on the ceiling above the dining room table. Most times you’ll see this particular breed of spider (such as Arthur) for a day then they’re usually gone the next - completely out of sight - sometimes never to return. But I was to find out over time, that Arthur was no ordinary spider.

     He waved at me as I edged passed the table warily. I gave him the courtesy of waving back with a, ‘Good morning’. (At this stage I was yet to name ‘the spider’ … remember they normally don’t hang around long enough to get familiar) He waved again and proceeded to spend the rest of the day in the same place … not exactly harassing me … just making his presence known. It didn’t worry me as I had no intentions of dining in style that night. In fact, I would be spending a lot of time in the lounge area instead.

     The following day Arthur was back with Stephen. I came to the quick - and presumptuous – conclusion that there was where he lived, behind the picture of my gilded warrior. That was okay by me … as long as I knew. Arthur now sat on top of the frame, content to be refreshed by the fan (I must admit it was hot that day) allowing himself to be gently tousled by the breeze flowing from the rotating cooling device fixed on the ceiling. He neither waved nor budged from his holding until sometime after I switched the light off that evening before taking myself to my bed. Then, under the cover of darkness he made his next move.