1. Aug, 2020

A short story serialized - Part One

Hello, everyone. It was suggested the other day by real life and FB friend, Luca Angelo Vencetti, that I might try a different approach with my posts in my FB group. While I found her suggestions quite quirky I didn't have the material to follow through. But it did make me think laterally. So thank you, Luca.
I now give you the first part of a short story I wrote many years ago called ... Life with Arthur.
Have a great day, folks.

Life with Arthur

 When I first met Arthur, I was sitting on the couch. He was sitting on Stephen. Stephen is my knight in shining armour, a brass rubbing of a bearded noble man, framed and mounted on the wall opposite. Arthur was splayed across the glass in a most indelicate way, with most of his legs cunningly disguised in the black lines of Stephen's golden image. But Arthur's body made a blob that looked very much out of place. It was this that gave him away.

I just watched on quietly for a while … to see what he would do next. It was not long before I was rewarded with some action. Arthur realised - through some spidery intuition - that he'd been spotted. He then made several extremely heroic attempts to hide again within the contours of the icon but to no avail.

After observing his feeble attempts, I got up from my seat to take a closer look at him. My movements sent him dashing about frantically trying to better his concealment. In the end, he stopped and waved his front legs at me in a threatening manner, like an amateur boxer in the ring. I waved back with my arms, (it would have been too difficult to use my legs at this stage in my life) then stood there with my hands on my hips. With this Mexican stand-off in place he decided to tear up to the top of the picture frame and sit there with the arrogant attitude of ... I'm the king of the castle and you’re thedirty rascal ... all because he thought he was bigger than me at these lofty heights.

This boldness lasted until I turned on the ceiling fan. Not liking his hair ruffled in such a manner, Arthur shot off around the corner in the direction of the kitchen. Out of the onslaught of the fan's movement he found a spot at eye-level which suited his mission to a tee - that of being a terrifying spider! There he splayed himself out on the wall trying to make himself look larger than he really was. He proceeded to spend the rest of the day there, waving his legs at me in a bossy manner every time I passed by. And so, it was for the moment.  to be cont.