29. May, 2020

Dogs ... got to luv 'em!

See this face. It belongs to McHendrie the hound ... aka Mac the Menace! He's the size of a small bear with the thinking of a tiny puppy. He came to visit yesterday and this is how it went.
First up its grab Paddington Bear, Lucy Bear and Fred the stuffed watchdog and put in safe place. Oh, look out, he's grabbed one of my flip flops. My hands are full so my bro, Terence, comes to the rescue and grabs it from Mac's mouth, while rescuing the other to also be put in a safe place. In the meantime, where is he? I put the kettle on to make tea and there he is, behind me with a pair of my knickers in his mouth. Where did he get them from? Hmm! I'm guessing he's been into my washing, so I need to rescue my underwear as I can't really expect my bro to do that. Argue with McHendrie, retrieve knickers and rest of the washpile and put into the bedroom. Shut the door. I turn around to find that said dog - who professes to love me - has since found a shoe ... one of a pair I forgot were under the coffee table. He runs up the hallway while I chase him with other shoe. Another argument ensues with shoe being put into bedroom with it's mate. Everyone assembles in kitchen. I proceed to make tea for bro. Just when we think it's safe to relax, McHendrie goes to the front door to stare wistfully outside, probably thinking that I'm no fun. Terence then says he'll probably have a snooze on the pink mat now. Mac enjoys a snooze on the pink mat. But no ... he's rolling around, chewing joyfully on ... something! What is it? I notice a tissue is missing from the table. Somehow McHendrie realises I'm onto him and proceeds to swallow the tissue. I fight my way though thrashing legs and tail and stuff my fist down his throat. Ah ha! Got it. One soggy ball of ... yuk! Mac now gets a severe telling off, is told to lie down and finally we - my bro and I - can enjoy our cuppa.
Time lapsed ... five minutes from when McHendrie walked in through the door :-)