16. Mar, 2020

The world has gone crazy ...

I don't do much social media beyond Facebook so I hate to think what is happening elsewhere, but this thing with the corona/covid-19 virus has just got way out of hand. Yes ... places, countries, events and trading is closing down but one must have to wonder why.

In one article I have read it states that this virus has been known to scientists and health authorities since early January. If that's the case, why has it taken so long for this information to reach the populace? Whatever the answer panic buying is not the solution. 

I'm not a doctor and I certainly don't think that I know better than anyone else but one needs to think on how many viruses have been around us, and for how long. We have been living with them for hundreds of years. People get sick and people die, but there are far more serious illnesses that will get you in the end. 

For me, common sense wins out. Good health practices, good food, rest and a bit of recreation can only be the right thing for everyone. So instead of buying several hundred toilet rolls which will become homes for rats, mice and vermin - increasing your likelihood of infection of some kind - take it easy and put some thought into your day. That way everyone is happy.

Have a good one folks.