17. Feb, 2020


Here it is ... Monday again. The weekends seem to fly by and I always feel I haven't achieved enough. But what does it matter?

It seems that these days everything is designed to rush us from one thing to another. I find this so within one of my hobbies - machine embroidery. One minute the Facebook pages I follow are flooded with Christmas designs, the next Valentines, then before you know it, Easter is in the spotlight. And we wonder why stress is running rampant. We are trying to keep up with all this fast moving stuff?

But what would happen if you took yourself out of the mainstream? What would happen if you didn't mow the grass, or clean your house from top to bottom, or buy that new mattress or take your kids to the newest opening or attraction or movie, or buy some new clothes at the latest sale - or buy that new design file?

On the grand scale of things - nothing. On a smaller scale ... there might be a few tantrums, regrets or meltdowns ... but at the end of the day the world keeps on turning. But you, my friend, have suffered. And it's all for nothing.

This revelation hit me some time back so I took myself out of the fast running stream and started to slow down - stopped putting pressure on myself (see my words there?) The result was quite amazing. I started to feel happier, sleep better (if that was possible in my case) and worrying less (which is such a waste of energy at the best of times) My morning was about assessing the important things - food, drink and shelter. If I had them all, and my bills were paid I was doing okay. The rest is a bonus.

We don't need a new mattress every six months, and we don't save any money by buying one because it's on sale. Same with clothes, cars, amenities, etc. But we do need peace of mind. While we live a physical life we also need to feel good about it.

I'm going to leave this with you. It's something to think about, if nothing else.

In the meantime, have a great day and just *be*.