8. Feb, 2020

What to do?

At the moment I am in the process of updating my global reach with my books. It has been a learning curve along the way, and at times, very frustrating. But steps forward are being made, if only baby ones.

At the root of it all it's because I write; I love writing and anything that takes me away from a story can become a pain. Not saying that this is always the case, but it happens. On completion of updating I hope to put some work into the following tomes. Will there be a publication or two ... who knows. It's all about writing ... off-loading a story that floats about in my head, if only in dribs and drabs.

Merlin's School for Ordinary Children - The Grail and Back Again

365 Moments of Joy

I Wasn't Always Old and Fat

Patience is a Virtue

I leave the rest in the *hands* of your imagination. Have a wonderful weekend.