6. Feb, 2020

After the rains ...

Yesterday and the day before it rained cats and dogs - and lots of water - over 135mils where I live, I believe. This might not be viewed by many as big news, but in a country that has been suffering from drought and raging bushfires for what seems like a lifetime, it is. Huge fires have been put out, dams and water tanks have been filled, rivers and creeks are running again after years of being dry, and the countryside is now showing some green growth. It is a joy, yet one that is taken for granted by so many.

While I did not set out to write about the devastation of Australia over these last months, I will continue on this thread by saying how sorry I am for all the losses that are also part of this cycle that is. Also, one might hope that the country will now put into place plans for the future ... not the bigwigs, but the individual. As my father said many years ago, 'a mountain can be moved one grain of sand at a time,' so ... lets move some mountains. Plant some trees - maybe some fruit trees, put in a tank if you don't have one, grow a few vegetables and herbs - pots are fine - and clean up your yard. It all helps. And don't forget to have some fun with the family when fulfilling these chores.

In the meantime, have a most wonderful day, everyone, and may the future bring you nothing but happiness and fulfilment.