5. Feb, 2020

Decisions, decisions!

I like to give the visitors to my web site something new so each year I update and change things around. I usually end up with a heap of pages. This year I had decided to just write a blog ... it might not be a daily thing but it will include my news, my book updates, reviews on books and movies, and events I attend. We'll see how it goes.

Today I will start with a book review, mainly because I'm quite excited about this book.

'A Choice of Nightmares' by Majorie Dorner. It was first published in 1987 and tells of a child molester who, while in jail for kidnapping a young girl and awaiting a hearing, torments the mother of said child. She decides to collaborate with the investigating officer by doing a bit of research and finds out that this is possibly not the first time that the offender has commited a crime of the same calibre. She shares this information with the officer calmly, but after an extremely upsetting phone call things go awry.

The book reads in such a way that it's hard to know which way it will go. And ... it has a very unexpected ending ... one even I could not work out.

If you enjoy a good psychological thriller, give this one a go.